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SR22 Auto Insurance Coverage in New Hampshire

Reader’s Question:

What is the coverage of sr-22 DUI auto insurance in New Hampshire?


Thank you for asking Yazmin.

An sr-22, according to the New Hampshire Department of Safety, is a proof of liability insurance that is being submitted by the insurance company for liability.This certificate can be either owner or non owners policy. This is valid until canceled by using sr-26 form that is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles by the insurance company to notify them that the policy has been cancelled or terminated.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Motor Vehicles, the sr-22 is required for:

1. three years from the date of the conviction

2. five years for the DWI second offense

3. extended 3 years if convicted with the major offense within the time frame required to carry the sr-22, from the date of the major conviction.

The sr-22 is usually required in situations if you get involved in an accident with no insurance policy or if get convicted with a serious traffic violations. This form should be filed by your current insurance company to the Department of Motor vehicles.

The minimum liability coverage in the state of New Hampshire is at 25/50/25. You will need to have the minimum liability coverage to be able to file an sr-22. The Bodily Injury Liability is $25000 per injured person up to a total of $50000 per accident, while the property damage coverage is at $25000.

You may contact the New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles to know more information on the financial responsibility requirements.

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