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SR22 Insurance in South Carolina

Reader’s Question:

My son acquired 12 points and received a drivers license suspension. He is required to get an sr-22. What are the South Carolina laws on SR22 insurance?


Thank you for asking Mariel.

An SR-22 is a certificate that is required for 3 years from the ending date of the revocation for which it is required. This is according to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle. This form is also required during the six months when an person is issued a provisional license.

Before your drivers license can be reinstated or to get a provisional license and SR22 certificate must be on file with the S.C. DMV . It is noted by the Department of Motor Vehicles that SR-22 insurance is not required by the vehicle owner if the mandatory 3 year time frame for the original license suspension has reached its final term.

It is also noted in the South Carolina’s manual for drivers that some revocations may require SC motorist to file SR-22 insurance before their driving privileges can be reinstated. The SR-22 insurance is proof of future financial responsibility . If you fail to maintain the coverage when you are still required to carry it, your driving and/or registration privileges will be suspended and you may be required to make a payment up to $400 in reinstatement fees.

You may contact the SC DMV to get more information on the laws regarding your son’s loss of license due number of convictions. You may also inquire about him getting an sr-22.

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