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Do I Need To File Another SR22 Bond If I Move Out Of State?

Reader question:

I have to file an SR22 form in my home state, but now I’m going to be living in another state for a little bit. Do I need SR22 insurance there? Will my current SR22 insurance policy cover me?


Great question, Lauren.

When you get a drunk driving conviction, you are often required to file SR22 insurance with your state department of motor vehicles for three years before you are able to move to regular insurance. But what happens when you move to a different state? Are you expected to have your car insurance company there file an SR22 form with another state? It seems a little unrealistic, doesn’t it?

The answer depends on what state you got the SR22 requirement from and what state you are moving to, because each has a different policy in regards to out of state SR22 insurance policies. In some cases, you will have to continue filing the SR22 form with your home state department of motor vehicles, even if you are going to be in the other state for the entire three year period. In other states, once you move you will no longer have to file the SR22 form at all. In still other states, you will instead have to file SR22 auto insurance with the department of motor vehicles in your new state. In order to find out what the policy is in your home state and your new one, call the department of motor vehicles or simply ask your SR22 car insurance agent.

If you are only going to be in the other state for a short time, then you have nothing to worry about. Most states do not require that you buy an SR22 policy from a company in their states unless you are living there for six months out of the year. Any less than that and you can continue to be protected with your home state SR22 policy.

Your SR22 policy protects you allover the US and Canada, so even if you are living in another state for a couple of months, it will still cover you. If your new state has higher liability requirements than your old one, then your policy will adjust to the higher limits for no extra.


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