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Do I Have To Get SR22 Insurance To Reinstate My Drivers License?

Reader’s Question:

I received a DUI 3 years ago and I have not reinstated my drivers license yet. Can I be added to my sister’s insurance and do I need SR22 insurance? Do I have to purchase an insurance before purchasing a car? Please help.


Thank you for asking Allan.

In most states you will need to show proof of insurance if you are going to register a vehicle so it is better to get an insurance beforehand. If you do not own a vehicle at the time of buying insurance you will need to get a non-owners SR-22 which you may be able to change into regular SR22 policy once you get or own a vehicle.

You may contact the insurance company of your sister if you want to be added to her policy and check if it is possible. You may also consider checking other insurance company and compare if it would be better to have you added or get your own policy from a different company. Once you get quotes from different insurance companies. you will be able to know which is cheaper.

You will need to keep your insurance policy that you will going to purchase in order to reinstate your license. Remember also that you can get different quotes online to give you more options and best insurance company that may be able to assist you in all your car insurance needs.

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