Cheap SR22 Insurance

Reader question:

I have to file an SR22 form, but I need a new car. How do I get cheap SR22 insurance for a new car?


Excellent question, Miguel.

SR22 insurance can be very hard to get these days, BUT not impossible. You will most likely be required to have full coverage, or comprehensive coverage on a new vehicle if you are financing it.

While liability rates are also high even under SR22 insurance plans, comprehensive and collision are much higher because the risk is so great to the carrier because of your conviction.

SR22 Insurance Filing

An SR22 filing is a means for insurers to notify the state that a driver is insured the minimum liability insurance mandated by the states DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles.

The required liability insurance provides coverage for injuries or property damages drivers may cause due to accident. Sometimes this is required for those who have been convicted of DUI or driving without insurance.

cheap SR22 insurance


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